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The best one-stop for all the cichlid links you could hope for is found at

MY SELECTED LINKS (in no particular order):

The Cichlid fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa -
Probably the most comprehensive site there is on Malawi cichlids
Stuart M. Grant Cichlid Conservation Fund
Contribute to conservation efforts on Lake Malawi
Ad Konings' Cichlid Press
Ad Konings' own web site, with all his books and more
Database of all known fish species
The Cichlid Room Companion
Huge amount of information about all cichlids
Advice and information about all aspects of fishkeeping. Link suggested by Ashley at the Cole Memorial Library

Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
Another database of fish species
Mchenga Nkwichi Lodge on Lake Malawi, in Mozambique
Very remote eco-tourism lodge, highly recommended!
Visit Steve Marshall's site for an account of his trip to Nkwichi Lodge
I met Steve at the lodge in 2004
Stuart Grant's Lodge and fish farm in Malawi
Collection and export of Malawi cichlids, top quality accommodation & lake safari packages
Aquarist Classifieds - UK classified ads
Busy marketplace for fishes and equipment
'Our Malawi Cichlids' - Dutch Hobbyist site (with English text)
Nice hobbyist site from a Dutch father and son
East Lothian Aquatics
Large aquatic retailer near Edinburgh
British Cichlid Association (BCA)
Official UK hobbyist organisation, well worth joining
BCA Forum
Post your queries here or browse the discussions
Cichlid News Magazine
US publication with all the news and great in-depth articles
Malawi Cichlid Homepage Portal
MCH Portal is a good resource for information and discussion
Philippe Burnel's French language site - fantastic picture reference galleries
One of the best sites for quality pictures of a huge selection of species
Claims to be the largest and most visited cichlid web site on the internet
Good site with forum, galleries, articles and more
American Cichlid Association
Site of the official US cichlid hobbyist organisation
Specialist frontosa site with forum
African Freshwater fishes in 1905
Abridged text of The Distribution of African Fresh-water Fishes, a scientific given address by George A. Boulenger in 1905
Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish
US retailer with good selection of pictures
Sydney Cichlid Page
Nice Australian cichlid site - lots of DIY ideas
Madagascar's Endangered Fishes
Site dedicated to increasing awareness and support for conservation efforts in Madagascar
Journals of the Royal Society
Papers on the African rift lakes
Mackenzie School, Malawi
Managed by Esther Grant of Red Zebra Lodge, and supported through Project Malawi - Belgium. Help if you can!
Lake Tanganyika Fisheries Research
All the news and articles from Lake Tanganyika
Scirus - scientific database
Scientific papers on Lake Malawi cichlids
Five Acre Koi
Large-scale fishkeeping supplies are best obtained from koi & pond suppliers - this is the best I have found
Jean-Claude Nourissat
You Tube video of the late Jean-Claude Nourissat's incredible set-up
Magic Baikal
Superb picture galleries of Lake Baikal, which is strangely similar in form to lakes Malawi and Tanganyika (Baikal is the one lake that is deeper than Tanganyika), albeit a lot colder due to its being located in Siberia, so it has no cichlids!